About me

Telematics engineer, technologist and open source enthusiast, software developer, Java and Linux Trainer / Lecturer, with extensive expertise in developing applications based on Java Platform and others open source technologies.

A passionate about learning who believes in the culture of sharing knowledge, learning from each other, innovating and working together effectively to make a difference.

A fan of baseball / softball, music and Latin dances (and rhythms) (Salsa, Bachata and Merengue). He is a member of several softball teams, where childhood friends and colleagues meet.


2014 Linux Training Scholarship Recipient as Developer Do-Gooder. Associate Member of Java Community Process and Cofounder of Dominican Republic JUG (aka Java Dominicano)

Occasional speaker and collaborator in technological events for developers such as Barcamp RD, an event that has been held continuously since 2013.Member of the organizing staff of JConf Dominicana. Member of the Program Committee of the first version of JakartaOne in Spanish

In his leisure time, he writes articles, organize meetups and helps review technical documentation in the Java Ecosystem and the open source world.


  • Sport : Baseball, Softball, Strength Training, Jump Rope
  • Music, Latin Dance
  • Education, New technologies, Open Source